Our In-House full service Bulk/Direct mailing capability is loaded with all the features which are currently available in the industry. You cannot find all such features together at an affordable price anywhere else! We are an innovative bulk mail service provider company focusing on providing a cost efficient business solution to our valuable clients. Our bulk mailing services include:

Bulk Mail-Fulfilment:  Our automated in house Bulk / Direct mailing System is engineered for the high volume demands of today’s commercial mailing and printing environments.  It includes Address & Envelope Printers, Wafer Sealers / Tabbers, Feeders, Folders & Inserters,  Label Appliers & Stamp Affixers, Envelope Sealers, Pressure Sealers, Conveyors & Dryers, Mailing Software.

Data Processing: Deduplication, file suppression, data clean-up, In-house data analysis and data overlays.

Print and Personalization: Digital and Offset printing. Laser and inkjet personalization.

Mailing List: The mailing list is the single most important part of any direct mail campaign.
You can’t create an appealing offer or design a beautiful piece without knowing who you’re mailing to. And if you send your pieces to the wrong audience, you risk alienating prospects and wasting valuable time and money.

There are five main ways to segment your mailing list.

  • Geographic Segmentation (Location-Specific)– Used when you’re trying to reach people in a specific area.
  • Demographic Segmentation (People Stats)– Used when you’re trying to target people using specific demographic data, like age, gender, and income.
  • Firmographic Segmentation (Business Stats)– Used in business-to-business marketing. Criteria can include employee count, revenue, industry, and number of locations.
  • Psychographic Segmentation (Hobbies & Traits)– Used when you pair audience demographics with data on personal values, hobbies, and personality traits.
  • Sales Stage Segmentation (Customer Status)– Used when your customers fall into a particular stage of the buying cycle – prospects, one-time customers, frequent customers, past customers, etc.

In some cases, you might need to use multiple segmentation methods at the same time. For example, you may want to mail to all people within a 5-mile radius of your business who are between the ages of 35 and 50. In this case, you’d be combining geographic and demographic segmentation.

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