Did you know, magnets go further than just attaching kids artwork or takeaway menus to your fridge? Over the past few years, many brands have used it as a fun, practical, and convenient marketing tool. From free giveaways at events to car magnets, these unique marketing tools are an excellent way to create brand awareness and to promote various exciting campaigns. Create brand awareness by adding your website or any other contact info to your custom magnets, which gives your potential customer somehow to contact or find you

Unlike business cards, stickers, and other marketing tools, which have a limited shelf life, custom magnets can last for years. With this longevity – and the durability of our magnets – it can rack up thousands of views while on someone’s fridge, car or notice boards – all of this from a one-time investment! Made to order, we offer our customers custom shapes, full color, printed magnets which can be used to promote your business, school, or event. It truly is the perfect marketing tool for any brand!

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